3rd Competition day – 22nd August 2016

Information will be added and updated

  • Briefing for pilots took place in Hangar 1 at 9:00, wind at 500 m – 7.9 m/s from 320, cloud base at 1400ft ground and unfortunately the clouds are also in the box and we have to wait until the box is clear
  • At 11:00 the warm-up pilot took off – pilot flying the sequence with mistakes agreed in advance with the chief judge. It is some kind of training for the judges if they recognise thouse mistakes. The pilot does not always make the mistake, it is a true test for the sharp eye of the judges
  • 11:00 the first take off was postponed again, it’s still not clear until when, the cloud base is still at 500m above ground
  • At 15:45 the warm-up pilot takes off, cloud base at 900 metres above ground, one allow break in the flown sequence